Our nutrition consultant office provides highly sophisticated services through modern professional equipment. Additionally, we offer personalized consultation for our clients and we create dietaries which exclusively address their personal needs. That' s why we can secure a positive and permanent result.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight loss is achieved with a healthy and fast method while following a balanced diet.

  • Weight Gain

    Weight gain is accomplished with a specialized diet while following the evolution of the process systematically along with the fulfillment of the goal which is set by the dietician.

  • Pathological Cases

    Pathologies involve all conditions and processes of a disease (diabetes, heart disease, pathologies of the digestive system etc.).

  • Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are dealt with close cooperation between the dietician and the individual who suffers from eating disorders, along with the persons who either collaborate with or take care of the person under consultation.

  • Maintenance of Ideal Body Weight

    The maintenance of ideal body weight is a procedure which demands the contribution of the nutritionist. Because it is achievable that you maintain your ideal body weight with a balanced diet plan created exclusively for you.

  • Changing Eating Habits

    Many times it is necessary that we seek for dietary advice in order to implement better eating habits.

    In this case, weight loss or weight gain is not imperative but it is beneficial that we learn how to follow healthy eating habits in the long term.

    Therefore sticking to a balanced diet we can attain better health and improve the quality of every day life.

  • Dealing with Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity rate is alarmingly increasing and in most cases it leads to excess weight during adulthood.

    When we follow healthy eating habits during childhood then we can easily maintain our ideal weight during adulthood and prevent diseases which are closely related to obesity such as heart disease.

  • Diet in Pregnancy

    During pregnancy many women don' t follow a diet pattern. As a result their body weight increases in a short period of time. It is essential that during pregnancy, weight control is monitored by a nutrition expert because pregnant women should focus on essential nutrients. Otherwise they may risk not only their baby' s growth and development but also their own health.

  • Diet and Breastfeeding

    A well balanced diet plays a vital role during breastfeeding. It is not forbidden for a breastfeeding mom to go on a diet. But a nursing mom should consume all the necessary nutrients which ensure safe lactation and at the same time support weight loss.

    Breastfeeding can become both effective and of great quality through a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Diet and Sports

    People who are occupied with sports should follow a specialized diet pattern because each sport involves different eating demands. The diet plan guided by a nutritionist aims at either reducing body fat or increasing body mass of the athlete, depending on their personal needs.

    Therefore, a specialized diet pattern is demanded to be created.

    What is more, accurate body fat measurement os monitored regularly in order to accomplish our goal. Finally, it is important that we are aware of the fact that a balanced diet boosts better sport performance.

  • Estimation of Nutritional Profile

    The nutritionist estimates the individual' s nutritional profile through their personal background before creating the diet plan. Taking into consideration their eating habits, a daily diet plan is completed along with any necessary changes.

  • Body Fat Measurements

    Body Fat Measurement is a process which is executed via a specialized and state-of-the-art body fat measuring device which measures body fat areas in an accurate way because it displays the parts of the body where fat is accumulated.

  • Measurement of Basal Metabolic Rate

    An individual's basal metabolic rate(BMR) shows how many calories the person burns under conditions of quiet, rest and relaxation. BMR is different for every person, so it is considered an integral part of a personal diet plan.

  • Measurement of Physical Activity

    A specialized device measures the detailed physical activity of each person and provides us with useful information about the total energy consumption 24 hours a day.

  • Creating a Personalized Diet Plan

    In order to make a dietary, we use a specialised software nutritional programme. It is personalised and addressed exclusively to the individual who has completed the necessary measurements that give us the appropriate information of their nutritional needs.

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